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Family Owned and Operated Hand Car Wash Since 1979

Exclusive Never Wax Again Process

Why Us

Dealers sell cars - Miracle Shield protects them.

Miracle Shield is a total full service hand car wash and auto detailing center. We have no tracks or brushes that can damage your vehicle. The Miracle Shield is a paint sealant that seals the paint keeping it from fading or oxidation. We have been in business since 1979 locally owned and operated. Taking care of customers has caused this business to grow with repeat and referral business.

Safety First

We don't use any products or machinery that may damage your car. An attendant is always at the controls supervising your wash to ensure the safety of your vehicle. We treat every car as if it were our own. 

Our Miracle Shield Service Promise

We give you an annual check-up card, which entitles you to a free wash and inspection of your vehicle.  If we see any fading or oxidation, we redo the Miracle Shield process at no charge to you.

We offer two programs, Lifetime or 5 year Warranty.  Lifetime is only offered on 1 and 2 year old vehicles, since the paint is in it's best condition.  Once you have the Miracle Shield applied you receive a discount on all car wash services

Our Services

Why Miracle Shield?


Miracle Shield is a paint sealant, preventing the paint from fading and oxidizing. Preparation of the paint on your vehicle is key to achieving quality results.

  • First - We clean your vehicle - removing any wax, water spots, film, pollution, oxidation and anything else that has dulled the surface of the paint. We can even remove fine scratches - preparing the vehicle and getting the paint to its best condition.

  • Second - We seal the paint with two chemicals, a silIcone and a polymer, which are applied and warmed with low speed buffing and completed with orbital buffing to bond to the molecular structure of the paint completing the bonding agent therefore sealing the paint and preventing it from fading or oxidizing.

Interior Fabric Shield


Your Miracle Shield center also provides maximum protection for your fabric seats, head-liner, fabric door panels, and carpets. Interior fabric shield helps repel dirt, grime, and liquid spills, and makes cleaning easier to keep the inside of your vehicle looking new! Leather interiors are treated with a leather cleaning and softening solution.



We apply a heavy duty undercoating, a thick tar-like sealant sprayed on the undercarriage of the vehicle. This coating protects from rust, cuts down on road noise, keeps the inside of the vehicle warmer in winter and cooler in summer, it even helps keep the inside of the vehicle cleaner. Acting as an insulation to the undercarriage of the vehicle.

Never Wax Your Vehicle Again!

Once the Miracle Shield has been applied you NEVER WAX YOUR VEHICLE AGAIN. Keep it clean and it will maintain a showroom finish.  Miracle Shield is as good as the paint on your vehicle - older or repainted vehicles need to be inspected to determine the condition of the paint.

The Guarantee

The Miracle Shield outstanding exterior protection will provide continuing satisfaction for 5 full years.  This is a full warranty - not limited and subject to only the three conditions below.

  • Voids Guarantee:
  • Self-washing with detergent or wax soap
  • Wax Treatment
  • Not coming in for annual checkup